Are you struggling with a diagnosed autoimmune disorder such as:


Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (Lupus)

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Multiple Sclerosis

Hashimoto’s Disease

or undiagnosed inflammatory condition?

You’re not alone!

There are more than 100 autoimmune diseases. According to the National Institutes of Health, up to 23.5 million Americans (more than seven percent of the population) suffer from an autoimmune disease—and the prevalence is rising.  The American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association (AARDA) estimates that the prevalence of autoimmune disease is much higher and 50 million Americans have one or more autoimmune diseases. Approximately 75 percent of those affected are women.

Autoimmune diseases can affect any part of the body, have myriad clinical manifestations and can be difficult to diagnose. An AARDA study showed the average time for diagnosis is 4.5 years and during that period the patient typically has seen four doctors. In addition, autoimmune activation, antibody production and symptoms can start as long as 10 years before a diagnosis is made.

Have you experienced…

  • Significant problems in getting a correct diagnosis?
  • Being told that that your symptoms are “in your head” or that they are caused by too much stress?
  • Feeling unheard by your doctors because they say your tests are “fine” but you feel terrible and you know they are missing something?
  • Being told by your doctor to take medications that don’t cure the condition or solve the problem?
  • Feeling you’re not in control of your body anymore or you’ve lost your identity to the disease?
  • Loss of your mojo, excitement for life… lost that “spark” that made life fun?
  • Family and friends saying “you look great” when you feel awful?
  • Brain fog, not feeling as mentally sharp as you used to, feeling confused some days?
  • Feeling stuck, not sure what to do instead of the conventional, pharmaceutical-based medical approach?

Scientists do not yet fully understand the immune system and what causes the body to produce an immune response to itself.  While it is recognized that these conditions result from an interaction between genetics and the environment, the trigger for each named autoimmune disease is mostly elusive. In most cases, since a single underlying cause has not been identified, management of symptoms, usually with drugs, after a diagnosis has been made is the standard of care.

There is no focus put on identifying, reducing and eliminating the underlying causes.

Functional Healthcare  is an approach that recognizes that these conditions are multi-factorial and can vary between individuals.  In this approach autoimmune and inflammatory conditions are seen to occur on a spectrum, where an interaction between genetics, lifestyle and the environment are the underlying cause for immune system dysfunction.

The Entavida Functional Healthcare approach includes

  • Extensive laboratory testing to uncover the underlying or “root” causes of autoimmune and inflammatory disorders.
  • Personalized, lifestyle-based treatment strategies focusing on modifiable factors that can prevent the progression along the autoimmune spectrum and, in some cases, result in remission of the inflammatory state, such as:
  • Food intake and nutritional status
  • Dysfunction in the digestive system, such as infection and imbalanced gut bacteria
  • Imbalance in immune cells that promote versus dampen inflammation
  • Dysfunction in the body’s ability to produce and regulate energy
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Psychological, emotional and physical stressors
  • Movement and exercise
  • Exposure to and accumulation of toxins and dysfunction in the body’s detoxification system

your true self

your life balance

your potential for healing

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